History of CHCGD

history of chcgd In December of 2006, the Combined Health District of Montgomery County (since renamed Public Health—Dayton & Montgomery County) began collaborative efforts with Kettering Health Network and Premier Health Partners to establish a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) in Dayton, Ohio. At that time, Dayton was Ohio’s only metropolitan area whose general population lacked such a facility.

The group pooled their resources and reviewed the services offered by Public Health, Kettering, and Premier Health Partners for serving the health needs of low income populations. Fourteen health centers were analyzed, and three—Charles Drew, Corwin Nixon, and East Dayton—were selected to be transferred into a new non-profit corporation called Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton (CHCGD). The new corporation submitted an application for FQHC status in December 2007; on July 7, 2008, CHCGD took over operation of the three sites.

Community Health Centers of Greater Dayton (CHCGD) was awarded Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) status in March, 2009. This FQHC recognition stems, in part, from President Obama’s stimulus package, which provided funding for 126 health center New Access Points (NAPs). Moreover, the additional Federal funding, plus the financial support from community partners, enabled CHCGD to better fulfill its mission…improving lives by providing quality primary and preventive health care services to those in need, regardless of ability to pay.

In June 2011, CHCGD expanded its operations to include the primary care portion of Victor Cassano Health Center. Cassano was previously operated by Grandview Medical Center, and was already dedicated to the idea that everyone deserves quality medical care, regardless of their ability to pay. This focus on underserved patients made Victor Cassano Health Center a great fit for CHCGD.

In April 2013 CHCGD assumed responsibility for operating Southview Health Center, a facility previously operated by Public Health-Dayton & Montgomery County as the Community Child Health Center-East. In July 2013, CHCGD opened Alex Central Health Center, completely renovating a space previously used for a furniture store. This beautiful new location provides a medical home for patients who were formerly seen at Public Health’s Child Community Health Center-South (West Carrolton), and also increases CHCGD’s exposure in the southern portion of its service area.

In March 2014, CHCGD began offering comprehensive oral health services on-site at the East Dayton Dental Center. When CHCGD acquired the East Dayton Health Center in 2008, Miami Valley Hospital operated the dental center until they discontinued that service in February 2009. The space sat empty for five years until CHCGD secured public and private grant funding to totally renovate and remodel the space. In March 2014 CHCGD re-opened the East Dayton Dental Center.

In December 2016, CHCGD in partnership with Dayton Public Schools (DPS) re-activated the DPS mobile health unit, primarily to provide asthma care and education for DPS students. The Mobile Health Unit travels to one of the schools each day (three days per week) to give each student with asthma an opportunity to be evaluated/assessed three times throughout the school year.

In May 2018, CHCGD closed its Southview Health Center and reopened a few days later as Patterson Park Health Center, less than 1 mile away. This newly remodeled larger space in the very visible Breitenstrator Square Shopping Center offers additional access to care.